White flags, wet cheeks and bended knees

Published on: November 3, 2017

By: Jade Pilkington

I’m not sure about your mom journey, but mine has been similar to that of a rollercoaster ride. One with really high highs and some pretty low lows.

That, with a mix of crazy trust, a whole lot of leaning on Jesus, and a cup full of winging it and hoping for the best in between.

Navigating the tension between searching Pinterest for “creative discipline techniques” and ” 10 ways to make sure your child feels loved, ” and at the same time digging into the word of God to find answers, often in a state of desperation. Well, this has been the, shall we say ” colourfulness ” of my own journey anyway.

Children are most certainly a precious gift from the Lord. I like to think that when my boys were born God gave me a gift bag. When I looked inside this bag what I found was an absolute joy, in this gift bag, I would also find the remedy for my selfishness, the cure for my need to be perfect, and the key to unlocking the unimaginable strength and grit I never knew I had.

There is nothing that revealed my absolute need for God, and my human inadequacy like when I first held that precious little baby boy in my arms, knowing I was responsible for raising him and preparing him to be the boy, teenager and eventually the man who God has created him to be.

This is the journey we courageously embark on mothers.

Could it be that the answer to being the best mom for your child is not about you being the best! Not following 7 steps as the self-help books would suggest, but instead that the answer may just be found in surrender to a mighty God who has created us, as moms with purpose and with everything we need for the journey ahead.
The answer is only found in Him.

The greatest weapons on the battlefield of motherhood may, in fact, look a whole lot like complete surrender, mixed with some crying out to a loving Father who cares and loves our children even more than we do. All while on our knees in prayer.

The bended knee is the stance of a true warrior mom! One who overcomes, and who will stand strong through the fires and the storms of life. One who will indeed raise up an army.