Code of Conduct & Indemnity

I, the undersigned, hereby give consent for my child to take part in educational tours and excursions while attending Junior Junction Pre-School. I fully understand and accept that all tours and excursions shall be undertaken at my child’s own risk.

I give / do not give (circle correct one) permission to Junior Junction Pre-School to use photos taken of my child during outings or in-house school activities to be displayed on our website and Social Media Platforms (names will not be used).

I fully understand that Junior Junction and its staff reserve the right to send my child home if they have a fever or a contagious illness and pose a risk to themselves or the other children at the school. The school will administer only oral medication once a day after lunch only. A request to administer the medication must be in writing via email or Whatsapp or in their school diary if they are in a class that uses one. If this is not done, medication will not be administered.

In the case of an emergency, I grant permission for my child to be transported to the nearest emergency facility by ambulance or private vehicle.

I, on behalf of myself, my executor, my spouse and child aforesaid agree to indemnify the Principal and staff against any or all claims whatsoever that may arise in connection with loss of or damage to the property or injury to the person of my child, in the knowledge that the Principal and staff will take all responsible precautions for the safety and welfare of my child.

Junior Junction’s operating hours are 06h30 to 18h00, daily. I commit to have my child at school by no later than 08h30 every day. I understand that if I would like my child to have breakfast at school, I will have them at school by 08h00. I furthermore commit to have my child fetched from school by 14h00 (if half day) or 18h00 (if full day). I understand that a late penalty charge will be levied if I am late.

If my child participates in any extra mural activities, I understand that all fees are paid directly to the extra mural service provider. Junior Junction will not accept any payments on behalf of the service provider.

A non-refundable registration fee of R750.00 is payable on application. A refundable deposit of R1000.00 is to be paid upfront (full day or half day) – refundable with one month’s written notice of the child leaving, if account is paid in full. This amount is refunded at the same rate at which it was paid.

I agree to pay school fees by the 5th of each month. If fees are not paid in full, I understand that my child will be suspended from school until fees are up to date. No subtraction of fees will be taken into consideration because of illness or school holidays.

Right of admission is strictly reserved.