Gardening with your kids!

Published on: September 1, 2017

Helping our kids understand the impact that they have on the earth is a vital part of teaching them how to choose wisely, but how we do that can vary enormously.
From parenting to schooling, everybody’s approach is different – but most of our kids will enjoy learning this stuff in hands-on ways, sometimes getting very dirty in the process!

This picture-journey shows how one mom has embraced the hands-on approach with her kids in her own backyard, no frills or fuss – just good, old-fashioned gardening!
In her own words, “Gardening is a lot of fun. “So, here’s to starting your own garden, and to moments of great joy for your family!

The first time we shared a blog from Tze Ching Yeung was in May 2017 – here is the link to that post on our website! Jake & Maya Kids is a brand driven by a creative mom and fashion designer from the UK.
The brand is named after her kids, who have embarked on this journey with her! Follow Jake & Maya on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & twitter!